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Gerald Cadet confidently stares ahead

Made by teamwork and great collaborations.

I joined McGill a few years ago with the mandate to plan and execute the University’s 200th anniversary celebrations.

Part of my job is to tell the stories of the people who have made McGill what it is today, a world-class teaching and research institution — both a humbling and awe-inspiring endeavor!

Leading the Bicentennial’s planning has given me an incredible opportunity to collaborate with committed and engaged colleagues throughout the University on a day-to-day basis.

— Gerald Cadet, Bicentennial Director

yoga in front of mcgill university

Made by strolls on campus and yoga on the green.

Working on campus is a unique experience.

We offer two unique, scenic campuses that are easy to access by bike and public transit.

Our downtown campus is an oasis in the heart of the city, surrounded by vibrant galleries and cafés.

Macdonald Campus is the largest nature reserve on the island of Montreal, and runs along a stunning waterfront.

Illustration of globe with red overlay

Made to join a community that spans the globe.

Like the city of Montreal, McGill is diverse, multilingual and international. Our community is made by teamwork. You'll be inspired to reach your full potential and help forge the way forward.

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